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Lunch Options

You’ve run out of bread, the leftovers are gone, your kid is a picky eater. Whatever the reason, we know packing lunches everyday can be a challenge. To help give you a break, we offer a variety of lunch options at Broadlands.


Fall 2019 Schedule:

Tuesday - Via Cibo (

Wednesday - Pita Pit (

Thursday - Pizza & Milk (SAC Run) (Every 1st, 3rd, 5th Thursday of each month)


PIZZA LUNCH (Major Fundraiser):

Throughout the year, SAC runs its own Pizza Day lunches on Thursdays, two to three times a month. All orders are placed at the same time for the term. This is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year. Milk is also available as an option on those days. Please fill out the (coloured) Pizza Lunch & Milk form in this package to sign up for Pizza Days.


LUNCHBOXORDERS (Nominal Fundraiser):

In addition to Pizza Day, we are offering pasta options from Via Cibo on Tuesdays and Pita Pit on Wednesdays this fall. Everything is ordered online, via Follow the instructions to add the school (North York, Broadlands) and your child's teacher. You can order week to week, or order in a batch. Other vendor options may be offered at a later date (suggestions welcome!). A very modest amount from each order goes back to Broadlands. Deadline for all orders for the upcoming week is Sundays at noon.

ROSE REISMAN (Not a Fundraiser):

Unfortunately due to low demand, Rose Reisman has decide to discontinue their service with us.

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