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WHO IS YOUR 2018- 2019 SAC TEAM?

Co-chairs: Solarina Ho and Jen Raman

Deputy Chair: Deborah Evans

Treasurer: Heather Pun

Secretary: Julie Virgo

Throughout the year, we plan fun and exciting events and fundraising activities and many dedicated parents have already stepped up to lead these exciting activities. Here are the volunteers heading up the following committees:


Fall Fair: Radhika Parbhoo

Spring Fair Co-Chairs: Deborah Evans and Kim Trimboli

          Silent Auction/Sponsorship Coordinator: C. Kilpatrick

Fundraising: This could be you!

Grade 5 Graduation Team: Anna Miranda and Andrea Gagliardi

Pizza Lunches: Kim Trimboli

Scholastic Orders: C. Kilpatrick and Ming Leung

Digital Communications: Solarina Ho

Dancefest: ?

We always welcome everyone's help as these events and activities take many people to be a success. Please get in touch at broadlandssac2013(at) to get involved.

We're still looking for volunteers to help with the following:

  • Community Engagement Events (e.g., movie night)

  • Spring Fair: This amazing event brings our entire community together for a day of fun and excitement, while also raising money to help fund many of SAC’s initiatives.

  • Fundraising Committee: We have some great ideas and initiatives - big and small - we want to explore, but we need parents open to giving a few hours of their time to help out. We are happy to chat with you about the kind of commitment involved.

If you're interested in helping out in any capacity, please email us at broadlandssac2013(at)

Voting Council Members:

  • Solarina Ho

  • Jen Raman

  • Deborah Evans

  • Heather Pun

  • Julie Virgo

  • Ioana Cora

  • Barkat Ali

  • Jessica Reid

  • Anna Miranda

  • Koichi Miyamoto

  • C. Kilpatrick

  • Kim Trimboli

  • Samuel Yoon

  • Ming Leung

  • Nadir Pirani

  • Warren Luciani

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