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YOUR 2020-2021 SAC TEAM


Co-chairs: Jen Cavanagh and Solarina Ho

Deputy Chair: N/A

Treasurer: Heather Pun

Secretary: Nicole Barake

This is going to be a school year unlike no other. Even though many students are attending from home, and many normal school activities are curtailed this year due to health and safety precautions around COVID-19, there is still a lot we can do to support our community.  We look forward to serving and supporting Broadlands this year!

We always welcome everyone's input with our initiatives. Once we have settled on our plans for this year, we may need your help. Stay tuned! If you missed our digital SAC information package from earlier you can find it here:

Grade 5 Graduation Team: TBD

Pizza Lunches: Temporarily on hold due to COVID

Scholastic Orders: TBD

Digital Communications: Solarina Ho

Voting Council Members:

  • Bruce Arthur

  • Nicole Barake

  • Adina Butu

  • Sorin Butu

  • Jennifer Cavanagh

  • Donna Cheung

  • Ioana Cora

  • Sinan Erdemir

  • Alicia Grant

  • Solarina Ho

  • Jenny Hua

  • Shemina Kotadia

  • Richelle LeClair

  • Young Lee-Bartlett

  • Jenny Masselis

  • Jeremy Ng

  • Yvonne Ng

  • Radhika Parbhoo

  • Heather Pun

  • Jason Pun

  • Nadir Pirani

  • Jen Raman

  • Iulian Stanciu

  • Cara Swyszcz

  • Cristina Sze

  • Jeimy Torres

  • Kim Trimboli

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