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YOUR 2019-2020 SAC TEAM


Co-chairs: Jen Cavanagh and Monika Bognar

Deputy Chair: N/A

Treasurer: Heather Pun

Secretary: Solarina Ho

Throughout the year, we plan fun and exciting events and fundraising activities and many dedicated parents have already stepped up to lead these exciting activities. Here are the volunteers heading up the following committees:


Grade 5 Graduation Team: Tonia Constantinou, C. Kilpatrick, & Others

Pizza Lunches: Kim Trimboli

Scholastic Orders: C. Kilpatrick

Digital Communications: Solarina Ho

Dancefest: Principal Linda Edwards

We always welcome everyone's help as these events and activities take many people to be a success. Please get in touch at broadlandssac2013(at) to get involved.


We are looking for Broadlands parents to provide support to the SAC in the following roles. Most of these roles can be done on your own time and should not take up too much time (except for running a Fair! :D). Please take a look and reach out if any of these interest you or if you have questions on time commitment:

  • Fundraising Coordinator: We are looking for someone who can take the lead in researching and implementing fundraising ideas for the year. We have some great ideas and initiatives - big and small - we want to explore, but we need parents open to giving a few hours of their time to help out. Do we want to run a movie or game night and sell snacks? Do we want to try something like or other popular product sales ahead of the gift giving holiday season? You help SAC come up with ideas to share, and help see it through. This does NOT mean you have to run movie night, etc. (unless you want to). We can recruit volunteers for that. But if it's something like selling products, you would help make sure the school is signed up so we can get the necessary flyers, and that there is enough time for pre-planning (e.g. Acorn art), ordering, and receiving an order before a target date (Christmas, Mothers Day, Father's Day, etc.)

  • Volunteer Coordinator / Recruiter:
    Are you persuasive? Do you know the parents in your child's class? Do you know parents who love organizing and planning? We are looking for someone who can focus on rounding up volunteers when we need them. For example, if we are hosting a movie night and we need help handing out snacks, you would be take the lead in recruiting volunteers.


  • Winter/Spring Fair:
    We currently DO NOT have any plans to run a fair this year since no one has volunteered to take it on. So if you happen to love organizing events and are interested, let us know! (For background, last year, we hosted an extremely successful Spring Fair and auction, and the year before, we ran a great Winter Fair with a holiday market comprised of local vendors.)

  • Grant Proposal Writer:
    Do you love researching and writing? There are grants, funds, and other programs out there that support schools every year. Many of them have early application deadlines for the following year as well. We are looking for someone who can learn more about the grants, and apply for them.

    If any of these roles falls within your wheelhouse, we need your help.  With minimal time commitment, you could have a major impact.

If you're interested in helping out in any capacity, please email us at broadlandssac2013(at)

Voting Council Members:

  • Monika Bognar

  • Jen Cavanagh

  • Heather Pun

  • Solarina Ho

  • More names to come ...

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