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SAC Elections, First Meeting & More

To all our new and returning parents and guardians, a belated welcome to a new school year. It has been a challenging start for everyone -- whether you chose to keep your children at home or send them to school, we hope that you and your family are adjusting and managing during this extremely difficult time.

Plans for this year's school council were delayed as we waited for direction from the TDSB on how to proceed. Obviously it is not business as usual this year, and the board recognizes that some families may face barriers participating in meetings and other activities.

This year, council meetings will be held virtually. Our first meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, October 20, 2020, where we will elect the new council executive and voting members. All parents and caregivers, including those taking virtual classes, are invited to participate. This is an especially great opportunity to stay connected to your home school for our online families.

Information on nominations, becoming a council member, 2019-2020 year in review, and other SAC-related information are detailed in this link.

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