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SAC Meeting & Elections

Our first SAC meeting is next Tuesday, September 25. We will also be holding elections at that time. Self nomination forms to be a voting member of council are due on

Thurs. Sept. 20.

We will have a table with extra nomination forms at the fall fair tomorrow if anyone wants to fill one out and drop it off on-site.

So why come to a meeting and join the Council??

For just an hour and a half, once a month, you can get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on at Broadlands - who needs money, events the teachers want to plan for their students, things that need to improve or change, plus so much more - AND most importantly, have a voice in the discussions.

We help raise funds, organize events, and plan exciting and engaging activities so we can help provide much-needed resources and educational enrichment for every student at Broadlands.

Outside of the monthly meetings, as a voting member, you'll need to attend at least half the meetings during the year and be available to answer emails from SAC executives and the school administration. You'll also have the opportunity to organize or help out at events during the year.

And if you want to take a leadership role, we've got a number of executive positions up for grabs: Co-chairs, vice chair, treasurer, and secretary.

Except for our first gathering, the meetings are normally held every third Wednesday of the month, except December and March (no meetings).

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