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WELCOME to Broadlands Public School SAC

Broadlands Public School Community

All parents/caregivers, students and school staff, together we make the Broadlands Public School community

  • Volunteer for activities at school

  • Behind the scenes, with school Statement of Needs & Improvement plans

  • Become part of SAC: committee member, voting parent and/or supporting subcommittees.

  • Participate in SAC meetings

Group of parents/caregivers volunteers elected each year to represent the community and advocate for a better learning environment for our children

  • Advocate for students and caregivers

  • Work together with teachers and Principal

  • Provide space for parents/caregivers to share ideas, feedback or raise concerns

  • Elevate learning environment of the school

  • Bring parent's voice in the decisions made for the school

  • Organize activities that help gather funds to support school activities and new resources

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