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2021-2022 Broadlands SAC Information

To all our new and returning parents and guardians, welcome to another new school year! It has been a challenging year and a half for everyone -- whether you chose to keep your children at home or send them to school, we hope that you and your family are still keeping well and managing during these difficult and unusual times.

Obviously it is not quite business as usual again this year. For the time being, council meetings -- which have been extremely well attended as a virtual meeting -- will continue to be held online. Our first meeting will be on Thursday, September 30, 2021, where we will elect the new council executive and voting members, so please save the date!


Information on nominations and becoming a council member are detailed below.

Virtual school parents/caregivers are eligible to be members of their home School Council and are also eligible to hold executive positions (e.g. Co-Chair, etc.)​

Documents: Everything You Need to Know

These documents contain everything you need to know about Broadlands, including where we spent the money, and more. (For a history of our recent "Year In Review" you can find them under "Records" in the menu above.) 


Click here to read:


2. 2020-21 YEAR IN REVIEW 



SAC Council Election Results

A huge thank you to everyone for your patience during our first meeting of the 2021-2022 school year. It was our first time doing it this way, so it didn't go quite as smoothly or as quickly as we'd hoped, but we got it done! Here is a copy of the ZOOM Polling Report for the Election Results.

Your 2021-2022 SAC Team

Next council meeting: October 19, 2021 at 7pm

Voluntary Contribution Form

Normally events like our popular pizza lunches, Winterfest/Spring Fair and Dancefest are among the school's biggest fundraising activities organized by SAC. Every year, however, we also ask parents and guardians to please consider making a voluntary contribution to ensure that Broadlands SAC can continue to organize events and fund exciting and engaging enrichment activities and educational tools for every student at the school. With our normal fundraising activities unlikely to happen again for the time being, your contribution this year will be especially valuable and appreciated. Donations can be made via School Cash Online or cheque. Contribution forms to share your preferences on where you'd like to see money allocated, tax receipt information and other details can also be filled here.

General Information About Making Payments

• Virtual parents can donate to SAC via cheque, or make a direct online donation to Broadlands P.S. here.

• School Cash Online is available as an online option for all payments. Last year, the school had over 80% usage of this and we are aiming to become a 100% “cash-less school” this year! 

• Where Cash Online cannot be used, we strongly encourage the usage of cheques for their ease of tracking, safety and ability to provide tax receipts.

  • When submitting cheques, please write separate cheques for each order, and include all children attending Broadlands on each cheque. (i.e. one cheque for all children ordering pizza (currently not available due to COVID-19) and one cheque for all children making a donation, etc.) 

  • Make all cheques payable to Broadlands SAC 

  • Please print clearly and include contact information in case we need to clarify your orders. 

• If you have any questions or need to use a different payment method, (i.e. cash,) please email us at broadlandssac2013 (at) before sending with your child.

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