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YOUR 2022-2023 SAC TEAM


Co-chairs: Aly Shamsy and Justin Tiu

Treasurer: Shagreen Rajabali

Secretary: Richelle LeClair

Vice-ChairMany Berchalli

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year! We are off to another unusual school year, but we have a fantastic group of engaged parents with great ideas, ready to help make the Broadlands community a safe, wonderful and enriching place for our kids to learn and thrive.

We always welcome everyone's input on initiatives. Once we have settled on our plans for this year, we may need your help. Stay tuned! If you missed our digital SAC information package from earlier you can find it here:


Voting parents:

Grade 5 Graduation Team: TBD

Pizza Lunches: Are back! Check the calendar for Pizza dates. 

More activities to come...

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