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2019-2020 SAC Package

Welcome to the new school year! A package will be sent home with your child soon, but in case any forms get lost or if you'd like to get a head start, they can be found below.

Documents: Everything You Need to Know

This package contains everything you need to know about Broadlands, how much we raised last year, and where we spent the money, our lunch options, and more. Download your copy here.

Nitwits Lice Prevention Participation

Head lice are a concern of many parents of school-aged children. The most common places for children to come into contact with head lice are schools, sleepovers, playgrounds, or sporting events. Infestations can happen easily when children are playing together. 


Three years ago, we introduced a proactive lice check program for all students at Broadlands. Certified professionals from Nitwits Lice Removal Team came to the school and spent approximately five minutes with every student, thoroughly checking for lice. They returned to check any children who were absent on the check day and even checked children who had previously been treated for lice.

The program will continue this year, with three lice checks already scheduled in the fall, winter and spring. The total cost for all three lice checks is $5.00 per student. Payment is voluntary, but is very much appreciated and would help SAC cover the costs of this proactive lice program. Regardless of payment, all students at Broadlands will be checked for lice during these scheduled checks, unless a parent indicates they wish to opt out.  The lice payment form can be found here.

Pizza Lunch (Fall)

As part of the Broadlands SAC special lunch program, pizza and milk will be offered on the FIRST, THIRD & FIFTH Thursdays of each month.  Pizza and Milk lunches help fund programs and activities sponsored by the Broadlands SAC. Supplied by 241 Pizza & Sealtest Milk, your child will receive two large slices of cheese pizza or gluten free cheese pizza and have the option to add either regular, chocolate or soy milk to their pizza order.


Participation in these lunches is voluntary however, your child must place an order for all 7 lunch dates. Extra pizza and milk will not be available for purchase on the day of the lunch.  This term, Pizza & Milk will be on the following Thursdays:



OCT 17

OCT 31


NOV 21


DEC 19


The cost is $28 for pizza.  Milk is an additional $5.25 for a total of $33.25, per child for all 7 lunches. Pizza forms can be found here.

SAC Council Self-Nomination Form

Broadlands SAC is a volunteer parent group whose role is to support the school. It is open to all parents at Broadlands. We work with teachers and the administration to raise funds, organize events, and plan activities to enrich are children's experience at the school. We meet for an hour and a half, every third Wednesday of the month, except December and March. It's a great opportunity to help plan school events, allocate funds, ask questions, have your voice heard, and be the first to hear and discuss school news.

Meetings are always open to all parents and guardians, but if you're interested in taking on a lead role in the council this year, the self-nomination form can be downloaded here. The roles and responsibilities of SAC can be found here: ‘School Council – A guide for members’, a document from the Ministry of Education.

The first SAC meeting — as well as the SAC elections — is on WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 25th at 7 p.m. in the Library.

Voluntary Contribution Form

Though events like Pizza lunches, Winterfest and Dancefest are among the fundraising activities the SAC organizes, we are asking you to please consider making a voluntary contribution towards the 2018-2019 school year in order to ensure that Broadlands SAC can continue to organize events and fund exciting and engaging enrichment activities for every student at the school. Contribution forms can be downloaded here.

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